Special cream between cocoa cake, banana, feuilletine, milk and white Belgian chocolate. , Additional 20₺ for optional Memnune Cream Additional…
Strawberry, banana slices, special cream, trifle, feuilletine, special Belgian milk chocolate
Forest fruit special cream, cocoa cake, blackberries, strawberries, white Belgian chocolate
Lots of pistachio cream, trifle, cocoa cake, Belgian chocolate
Italian caramel Cream, cocoa cake, blackberries, strawberries, dark Belgian chocolate
Special Coconut Cream, cocoa cake, strawberries, bananas, almond flakes
Special peanut cream, trifle, Belgian chocolate
Special cream, cocoa cake, cherry pieces, cookies, dark Belgian chocolate
Special Belgian chocolate cream, cocoa cake, banana, strawberry, feuilletine, pistachio and Maraş ice cream
Special caramel cream, trifle, feuilletine, oreo, Belgian chocolate